My Neighbor Alice is a game with several dimensions:

Blockchain, Multiplayer, Social

Blockchain games in this segment includes

Decentraland: An open 3d world, like a second life on blockchain.

Sandbox: Also an open 3d world, inspired by minecraft.

Axie Infinity: A game with cute graphics, but with a different gameplay that is more about collecting, breeding and battling. It also intends to not only be for blockchain experts. And we are happy that Axie Infinity shares similar goals in letting users be part of controlling the games development.

But My Neighbor Alice is unique in that it is an open world game with a strong visual identity based on positive images and cuteness, intended for non-blockchain skilled players as the primary target group. Also catering for an underserved market, women, who are a large base of players but with less purposely created content.

Additionally, My neighbor Alice will use Chromia blockchain, which has proved to be a flexible blockchain, focused on decentralized games, with the peculiarity of abstracting the blockchain complexity from the gameplay and the user experience.

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