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Chromia is a decentralized public blockchain, a project started and maintained by ChromaWay. The Chromia project aims to make blockchain performant and easy to use by users as well as developers. The unique technical architecture,combining relational databases with blockchain, is perfect for complex game design with logic on-chain.


Is a true pioneer of blockchain. Already in 2012, the CTO of ChromaWay created the world's first source code to issue user generated tokens. His โ€œcolored-coinsโ€ project 2012-2014 was inspiration to many projects, and education for many that are now in our industry. Among the people involved in the project were Esteban Ordano of Decentraland, and Vitalik Buterin of Ethereum. ChromaWay moved away from the first colored-coins protocol apps on blockchain in 2014, such as a stable coin for LHV Bank, to do innovative new technologies for enterprises and governments, which ultimately lead up to Chromia. Several known cases have been in land-registration, with the Swedish state from 2016 to the InterAmerican Development Bank in South America 2020. And now, with My Neighbor Alice, they take the step from real land to imaginary land.

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