System Architecture

Game Core

Backend: Chromia

The first layer to this project is the game backend infrastructure. The project was created on the fundamental idea that it will operate exclusively on the Chromia platform, with a few exceptions mentioned in this document.

The backend is a chromia relational blockchain database that is used in conjunction with Unity to operate accounts, token transfers, relational data and user progress, among many other things. Itโ€™s meant to follow the development of cross chain playability and interaction with NFT:s. The unique database aspects of chromia gives the ability to do complex backend logic directly on the blockchain without spending much development time.

Frontend: Unity

The second layer to the project is the client, developed in unity. The largest part is the procedural building system. It's essential that it is fun, feels great and is on par with other building games on the market.

Second biggest is the focus on gameplay loops and daily activities with player retention in consideration. We also work on connecting the backend with frontend, login-registration edge cases, and multiplayer scalability & stability.

Game Economy

The third area in the project is the economic infrastructure. โ€œProperty/Plotโ€ auctioning, asset trading, token transactions.

Backend: Chromia

Gaming, marketplace and auction logic is done on the Chromia blockchain

Frontend: Web and Unity

The frontend to marketplaces and auctions can be done as a web application embedded into the game. Parts of the UX might also be done directly in Unity.

Integrations: ERC20 and Steam

The ALICE token will be transferable between ERC20 and native Chromia token. This bridge is developed by Chromia outside of this project. The Steam marketplace and sales there will have an integration code connecting to Chromia.

Governance DAO

This project will not only create a game, but code for a decentralized autonomous organisation called Community Council.

The DAO implementation should be handed out to an external company, we identified ChromaWay as the initial partner.

Backend: Chromia

Voting and rules of governance can be implemented in Chromia. Being a relational database, this is comparatively easier than with other blockchains.

Frontend: Web

The DAO interface will be a web application, outside of the My Neighbor Alice game.

Integrations: Chromunity

The Chromunity project done by Chromia, is a forum with moderation and voting features. Chromunity is also used by other projects such as the Hedget11 DeFI application. By integrating the Chromunity open source code, developing the Community Council (DAO) will be easier.

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